Armed Robbers Rain Havoc Openly on Eastern Monday In Lagos

Fears and tension reigned supreme in the atmosphere in the Mushin area
of Lagos on Monday morning after a gang of about 60 robbers operated on
eight streets and destroyed about 30 vehicles in the operation.

The hoodlums, who reportedly belonged to two deadly cult groups – Akala
boys and Toheeb’s gang – visited terror on New Balogun, Euba, Ayonuga,
Tiamiyu, Haruna, Ereko, Oyedele streets and Coker Lane.

“It was around 12am on Monday morning that we started hearing gunshots.
It lasted for about an hour. Around 1am, they started going from
house-to-house, robbing the occupants. They stole about seven laptops
from the house opposite this mosque. They stole phones, money and
everything they saw. 

“They came inside the mosque and took our phones and money. People were crying throughout the night. It was terrible.”

Sources say the robbers operated for about seven hours and rapéd some young ladies…

An eyewitness told Punch that the robbers were not in a haste. He said
they robbed till 5am and came back at 6am to continue before leaving
around 7am.

It was observed that a generator was also removed from its shed by the
robbers. Cars parked on the streets in the affected areas were
vandalised by the robbers, just as two Toyota Hilus van were burnt.

Kasali Daramola, a driver who spoke while fighting back tears, told Punch he owned one of the burnt cars.

He said, “This is the third time they will do this to me. What have I done to them?
The first was a Lexus car my younger brother bought for me, which I was
planning to sell to acquire a commercial bus to take care of my four
kids and wife. I sold the scrap for N30,000. I used the money I raised
to get a bus and I was paying for it by instalment. I have not finished
the payment when they destroyed it.”

Daramola said the men entered his house and some of the ladies living there were rapéd. He said attempts to bring in the police were abortive as they kept saying they were on their way without showing up.

Another resident said: “For over five years now this area has not known
peace. Will the police say they cannot do anything about it?”

Surprisingly, another resident, Tosin Gbolahan, said a policeman
attached to Alakara Police Station was with the hoodlums on Monday

Nigeria police, what is going on in Mushin area of Lagos is totally unacceptable. Please do the needful!

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