JUNGLE JUSTICE: Three Suspected Kidnappers Burnt To Death

Three suspected kidnappers were early this

morning burnt to death by a mob along Ijoko Road, Sango, Ogun State, southwest Nigeria.

The suspected kidnappers were accused of

abducting a young woman who was shouting to be freed inside their vehicle.

A witness, Mr. Ade Sunday, who was at the

scene of the incident explained that the

suspects struggled to keep their victim inside the car but she fought vigorously for her life and was pushed out of the vehicle at Gas Line Bus Stop, Ijoko, Ogun State.

On getting down, the young woman started

shouting: 'kidnappers, kidnappers', and this

attracted the attention of commuter bus

drivers and Okada riders who pursued the

suspects. They caught up with them at the bus stop.

"The suspects were coming from Papalanto

area of Ifo, Ogun State. They were taking her to Ijoko. The woman was shouting and

struggling with the suspects inside the car. In annoyance, they pushed her out and drove off.

The woman was shouting, "kidnappers,

kidnappers". This attracted the attention of commercial motorcycle riders and drivers who gave them a chase. They caught up with them at Gas-line Bus Stop," Sunday stated.

P.M NEWS gathered that the mob dragged

the two men out of the car, beat them and set them and the car ablaze before the arrival of policemen from Sango Station.

In a related development, another young man was burnt to death three poles to where the suspected kidnappers were burnt. He was also accused of trying to kidnap a little girl. When he was confronted, he allegedly brought out his phone, removed the sim card and broke it into two. He was beaten and set ablaze.

Policemen from Sango station were seen trying to restore order as at the time of filing this report.

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