7 Signs She’s After Your Money [Read This]

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You will agree with me that everybody wants to love and be loved but the truth is, we can’t always get what we want. The journey to finding true love and happiness is not always as smooth as expected. Men are visually influenced when it comes to relationship and tend to be attracted to beauty. Unlucky for you if you meet non genuine women in sheep clothing that only want to rip you off and say “goodbye”. Well, you can’t always avoid such ladies but I can give you 7 signs to know if she’s only after your money. Enjoy!
Every man wants his woman to be happy and satisfied but if you’ve got a girl with high taste then you’re in trouble. She’s the type of girl that will always ask for one thing or the other, complain about not having enough and always wants to go to expensive places, travel and buy expensive things. A girl who’s genuinely in love with you would rather be considerate about how you spend your money and how best to cut down cost.
Its all about expensive things, designer bags, shoes and gadgets. She tells you about the latest thing in town and how all her friends have got it but she feels left out. Obviously she wants you to buy it for her! Materialistic girls are shallow girls who are only there during the good times. Their basis for a relationship is money and to be with them you’ve got to have a big pocket. Some men actually go for them just to conquer them and show them off as trophies. If you’re looking for “love” then a materialistic girl is not for you.
If your girl is not concerned about your family or doesn’t ask after them but she’s more concerned about your work and salary then you should double check. She really doesn’t want to be emotionally attached because she doesn’t plan on being there in the long run. She’s not planning or thinking about a future with you, its more about now and what she can get. If you’re in a relationship with a girl with similar traits then ensure you guys are both on the same page and she wants a future with you.
These types of girls are not ready to compromise or make sacrifices for you. You realize that you can’t tell her “No” even in difficult times for the fear of loosing her. Every time she asks you for something and you tell her about a challenge, she threatens to leave you. If you’ve gotten to that stage then know that she’s only after your pocket. Understanding and making sacrifices in a relationship is a sign of love and support from your partner but if they are not ready to make sacrifices then cut them off!
Its from one problem to the other and one bill to the other. Women have ways of extorting money from men and that’s by cooking up stories. Her problems seem unending and because you love her, you do not want to let her down. Today she tells you her mother is sick, the next day its her creditor harassing her or one incredible story. Everyone has got problems but when you see she has made it a habit and she’s not independent, then that’s a sign.
Money and s*x, what a combo! While some men have established that as the basis of the relationship from the onset, others unknowingly enter one. You realize that all you both talk about is money and s*x. There’s no depth in the relationship, no care, love, affection, and “communication”. All you both ever seem to talk about are shallow things(temporal things). Every night together becomes a night of negotiation and requests.
She wants to know everything! The bank(s) you use, account details, last transaction, payday and who else you’re sending money to. That seems to be the only thing she remembers so that she can strategise on how to extort money from you. She gets upset or edgy whenever you tell her about a friend you want to lend some money to or helping out your family when in need. That’s because she feels after giving out money to people, you won’t be willing to give her enough money when she asks so she advices you against helping your friends.

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