6 ways to know she’s not interested in you

Below are some ways to tell if a girl is not feeling your vibes at all:

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Lady looking uninterested in a man
  1. She complains about being tired: When you meet someone you might be interested in, your energy levels tend to spike. you suddenly get a second wind that lifts you up and makes you completely forget the fact that you’re tired, hungover, or in a bad mood. And even if you’re feeling any of those things, you do your best to hide it. If a woman continues to point out that she’s tired or in a bad mood, it is probably just her way of hinting to you that she doesn’t want to keep talking to you. Women who complain about anything have a way of sucking the energy out of a conversation and should be avoided if possible.
  2. She never asks you your name: Here is a rule of thumb, if a woman is interested in you at some point she will ask you your name. Simple as that. Women are very conscious of avoiding awkward situations, and if she is really interested in you the last thing she wants is a potential situation later on where she has to admit that she doesn’t even know your name. Because of this, if a woman is hoping to talk to you for awhile, she’ll go out of her way to find out your name. If it’s more than 10 minutes into a conversation and you haven’t told a woman your name and she hasn’t asked, it’s a pretty good sign that she is waiting for the conversation to end.
  3. She brings up her boyfriend soon into the conversation:A lot of guys would think this is obvious. But it’s not. If a girl is enjoying your company and likes you, she will avoid telling you she has a boyfriend as long as humanly possible. In fact, if a girl waits until you’ve asked for her number or gone for the kiss to tell you she has a boyfriend, it’s probably because she liked you too much to admit she had a boyfriend sooner. But if she starts talking about her boyfriend early into a conversation, it’s her way of not-so-subtly letting you know that nothing is going to happen between you. So stop wasting your time.
  4. She tries not to make eye contact: Eye contact acts as encouragement for the other person to talk to you. It invites them in and says “I’m interested…” So a woman who is deliberately avoiding eye contact is doing everything in her power to prevent you from continuing to talk to her. She is basically saying “I refuse to give you permission to continue.”
  5. She has closed off body language: If a girl is enjoying her conversation with you she will tend to loosen up. You’ll notice that she follows your lead and begin mirroring your actions and energy level. However, if a girl continues to display closed off body language even after you’ve begun to really open up to her, there is a good chance that she just isn’t as interested in the interaction as you are. Similar to avoiding eye contact, keeping your body language closed off is another way of saying “I refuse to give you permission to continue.”
  6. She gives short, one word answers: In the first couple minutes of a conversation, before a woman has had a chance to get warmed up, it’s acceptable for her to be giving you short answers and not talking too much. But if it’s more than ten minutes into a conversation and she is still just giving you short one word answers to your questions and not prying you for more information about yourself, she probably isn’t interested in you. If a woman wants to continue the conversation she will keep talking to prevent you from leaving. If she isn’t offering much to the conversation after 10 minutes, she probably isn’t worried about you leaving. Which is a good sign you should leave.

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