7 things every man needs to know about a woman’s bosom

Yes, this is very true; but men also need to know a few things that happen to a woman’s bosoms when it comes to s*x, pregnancy, childbirth, etc. So, here you go…
bosoms are not decoration. You already knew that; but you also need to know that a woman’s bosoms can be a warning that some serious health problems are there. For instance, as you romance your partner’s br**sts, help her check to see that the bosoms don’t have what looks like pockets (dimples) around them. If dimples occur around any of the br**sts, it could be a warning sign for chest cancer. Tell her to see the doctor.
bosom discharge is often normal, even when she isn’t pregnant or breastfeeding. Discharge can occur in most women if the bosom is squeezed, says a chest surgeon, Dr. Leah Gendler. But if you’re not squeezing—and especially if the discharge is bloody and/or coming from just one chest—take her to the hospital. The discharge could be the result of a benign growth, a harmless cyst, or chest cancer.
Exercise can injure bosoms. If your partner is not doing vigorous activity yet you or her notice that the bosoms are red, itchy, scaly, and/or flaking, advise her to see the doctor. This could be a sign of Paget’s disease, a rare form of cancer involving the bosom and areola, Gendler says. She adds: “It could also be eczema, so don’t get anxious. Just see your doctor.”
bosom pain during breastfeeding is common (and preventable). For men whose wives are nursing babies, know that throbbing, burning, cracked, or sore bosoms are all common complaints, particularly in the first few weeks of breastfeeding. But if this pain continues, take her to see the doctor.
Hairy bosoms are normal—even in women. Those small bumps around the bosoms are normal hair follicles. If your partner has dark hairs growing on her bosoms, she is not awitch. Just encourage her to trim it carefully. However, if the hair follicles become painful, grow in size, or are itchy and scaly, let her see the doctor. It could be a sign of infection—or cancer.
Inverted bosoms are normal. If your partner has inverted bosoms, there is no cause for alarm, says a plastic surgeon, Dr. Paul Lorenc.
bosoms are erogenous zones. Well, scientific research has also confirmed what we already know! According to researchers at Rutgers University, the sensation from bosom stimulation travels to the same pleasure centres of the brain as sensations from the v**ina, cli**ris, and cervix.

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