Man Shares Unsatisfactory Wedding Night Experience with ‘Virgin’ Wife

Man Shares Unsatisfactory Wedding Night Experience with ‘Virgin’ Wife

A young man who believed he was marrying  a virgin got the shock of his life when he wanted to make love to her on their wedding night.
The man who is on the verge of separating from his significant other, has taken to a prominent online platform, Break Or Makeup, to share the account of how he married a virgin, but got the shock of his life on their wedding night.
He wrote,

I got married last month to a Virgin girl but I regret it with my life, guys please never you marry a virgin.
 After the wedding party, I was very excited that I will open my fresh flower, so I took my time, I even had to bath her myself . I started noticing that her bobi was sagged, like sagged but I ignored her felt that it could be natural. 
As I was bathing her she was already making s*x sound, virgin making s*x sound. I kept quite, I continued , down to her private part, just to make easy penetration I decided to finger her a little since she was all wet with the water and bath soap, with my small small candles and music. 

I put in one finger and it swallowed my whole hand, this girl was very wide like back yard, she has already opened her legs wide and I saw some black black things on her private part. I was getting irritated but I just kept deceiving myself until we got to bed. 
This girl was as wide as well, I was just managing until she got to orgasm and polluted 3 times. I don’t need advise, I will surely divorce her, I am just advising men never to marry virgins. I regret dumping my ex, she was a good woman just for fresh virgin.

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