15 Pictures That Perfectly Describe Living In Ilorin

15 Pictures That Perfectly Describe Living In Ilorin

1. When you’re going to town and the cab man calls N1000 for you.

If you don’t get!

2. When you have to share the front seat with a fat passenger.

Now you’ll have to sit with half-yansh.

3. The cab man, when he asks ‘Where in Adewole” and you say ‘Just before Eyen Korin”.

Get out!

4. Going to the mall on public holidays be like:

Now you have to hide so you don’t run into people you know.

5. When you live in Taiwo and a Kwara Poly boy from Zango starts toasting you.

Please carry your wahala and go.

6. Kwara Poly boys, whenever they get together:

Always a case of two fighting.

7. Unilorin students, when they go anywhere past Tanke Junction.

A whole new world.

8. When you go to Broadway and see your sugar daddy buying Sharwama for another girl.


9. When you go to T and K and they charge you N500 for one spoon of stew.

10. The abomination Ostrich Bakery serves you, when you order Pizza:

Something​ that was made for dogs.

11. GRA people, when people living in Fate-Tanke try to famz them.

Stay in your lane, ​please!

12. Realizing Ilorin has really weird-sounding places like “Apata Yakuba’ and “Opo Maalu”

So weird!

13. When you have to drive through Challenge in the afternoon.

The worst traffic!

14. You, when people in other states talk trash about Ilorin.


15. Other Yoruba people, when you tell them you’re Fulani, not Yoruba.

Still not Yoruba.

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