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6 Things That May Happen After Covid-19 Lockdown Is Over

by Oduse David

Our hope is that this covid-19 goes away very soon, but nobody has thought of the things that will happen after the lockdown is over. Below are six things that will happen around the world after the lockdown.

1. Peoples view about the world will be different:

Everyone’s perspective about the world will change. People who take things for granted would have become a little more serious minded, likewise people who takes life too serious will loosen up a bit.

2. Loss of jobs will be high:

After the lockdown, most people who had jobs before lockdown will be jobless. People working with government agencies will not be affected, because government jobs are more secure. Most private films will have to lay off a large number of their staffs.

3. Some people will become more religious:

Some people who are already linking the coranavirus to the handy work of God will become more serious in their fellowship with God.

They will believe that life is vanity upon vanity.

4. Some set of people will lose their faith in their God and leaders:

Most people have questioned why so called religious leaders can’t intercede on their behalf to God. These set of people are the ones who sees their leader as a semi-God. Religion will seems to be irrelevant to some people after the lockdown.

5. Prices of goods will be high:

Immediately after the lockdown is over, we will see a rise in price of goods and commodities due to low production during lockdown. Most retailers will want to make fast cash to compensate for the loss the lockdown caused.

6. Government of most countries will look into their health sector:

Countries whose leaders are fond of travelling outside their own countries for treatment will start to restructure their health sector so as to be up to standard. Covid-19 as revealed how weak some countries health sectors are.

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