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Could Covid-19 Be Responsible for the alleged death of over 600 people in Kano?

by NaijaKOKO Admin

The upsurge in death over the past week in Kano has led to speculations implicating Covid-19 as a possible cause amidst fear and confusion from residents.

According to Dr Tijjani Hussaini, the Executive Secretary of Kano State Primary Healthcare Board, investigations are on going to unravel the cause of the deaths. However, while we await the outcome of the investigation there is a need to provide insights on how deadly the Coronavirus can be as there are speculations dismissing the possibility of Coronavirus killing up to six hundred people in a week.

So, the question now is, can Coronavirus kill up to 600 people in a week?

To answer this question, let us take a look at other countries that have recorded a huge number of Covid-19 infection.

The United States of America (USA) is the current hotspot of Coronavirus. According to Statista, the average daily death toll caused by the coronavirus (COVID-19) in USA is over 700. Also, the US reported 2,065 new deaths on the 25th of April, it highest death per day since the beginning of the pandemic.

Furthermore, the UK reported a total number of 5386 new cases with 813 deaths just yesterday (25th April). This goes to show that the Coronavirus is capable of killing people not only in their hundreds but also in thousands in a day.

With an almost 25% surge in the number of reported cases in Kano as at 22nd April, coupled with the fact that there are concerns of gross under testing and contact tracing, there is a possibility that Covid-19 infection and deaths have increased exponentially in Kano. Kano State’s only laboratory recently stopped conducting tests to confirm Coronavirus cases due to lack of reagents needed for the diagnosis. Although supplies have since been made to the Lab, it remains closed following contamination of the laboratory and death of some of it staff.

While we await the outcome of the investigation into the cause of increased number of deaths in Kano, let us not totally rule out Covid-19 as a probable cause. In the meantime, we advice residents of Kano and the general public to adhere to measures put in place by the NCDC to help curb the spread of the Virus.

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