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Covid-19: Human Tracking Wristband Being Tested To Enforce Lockdown

by Oduse David

Currently, some countries of the world are test running digital wristband devices that is aimed at tracking lockdown offenders in their countries. The wristband is being tested in places like Bulgaria, Poland, India, Belgium, Lichtenstein, Hong Kong etc.

The main aim of the wristband device is to track if the wearer is disobeying lockdown orders and left his or her home without any genuine reason to do so. It is also to track if the wearer have removed it from his or her hand especially for those under quarantine. Also, it will be used to enforce social distance order.

With the wristband device, government will be able to track and arrested offenders. This is because the tracker in the wristband is capable of alerting appropriate authority in the Government and law enforcement officers will be able to locate where you are and pick you up. The device will function with the help of GPS.

In Belgian the wristband can be used to control social distance when it comes within 3meters of another wristband device. In some other countries, it can be used to monitor temperature; thus if the temperature of the wearer is higher than normal, he or she can be located and pick up for a test.

It was discovered in some of the countries that some of their citizens started leaving their mobile phones at home when going out the moment they discovered that their governments were tracking them via their phone GPS. This warrant the need for the wristband which will be made mandatory for every citizen to wear in some of the countries.

Howwever, Privacy International is of the opinion that extraordinary measures should be put in place to hold Governments accountable because they may capitalize on it and use it as a means to control their citizens and perpetuate themselves in power since some of the devices are capable of working with human brains.

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