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10 Reasons Why Single Ladies Date Married Men

by Oduse David

Why do young single ladies love to date older married men1? In this article, I wrote 10 reasons why they love to date married men. They’re are discussed below;

  1. Some women thrive on the excitement of sleeping other women’s husbands. The fear of getting caught, coupled with spontaneous sex sessions everywhere and anywhere they get gives them the thrill of their lives.
  2. Some single ladies think married men give better sex because they will make the most of the stolen moments they get. Some men worship and adore their mistresses and can go out of their ways to make them more comfortable, and the single ladies go all out for this.
  3. Kept women feel needed and desired by married men and this is a huge ego booster for them. They even boast about their affairs and some advice their friends to try dating married men.
  4. Some women hate commitments other than a dinner date or a sex session. For them, they dread marriage and promises, so they tend to flow with married men because there are no expectations like marriage, children or maintaining the home.
  5. A mature married man is usually financially stable. He has a job to support his family, so a woman who is having an affair with him knows he can also give her what she wants. Unlike some single bachelors, he is able to support her. Married men would do everything to keep their mistresses , so they go out of their ways so satisfy them with money and other material things. Such men will do anything and everything to keep their mistresses and what they do not do for their wives, they are ready to do for their mistresses so as to keep them satisfied.
  6. Women who date married men know that there are no strings attached to such relationships and they are free to come and go as they want, with no one questioning their movements. Another reason that some women have affairs with married men has to do with the type of relationship she wants. She is not looking for marriage and a family, and a lover can give her that. Because he already has a wife and family, she knows she can have a relationship without those commitments and responsibilities.
  7. For some women, attracting a married man’s attention is considered an achievement. Having an affair demonstrates that she’s still got it, and it feeds her low self-esteem. Even though she see what she does as wrong, it makes her feel good about herself. She was able to steal the affection of someone who is already is married and committed to a wife.
  8. Sleeping with a married man also has to do with power. Being with someone who already has a wife and child puts her in control. A mistress’s power trumps promises of loyalty and fidelity, which only fuels her dominance. She knows that her lover wouldn’t dare reveal that he’s been cheating on his wife, giving her total control over the situation.
  9. The risk of having an affair is also an enticing factor. There’s a level of mystery that makes the situation seem appealing. The idea that you have to keep it all a secret creates a rush that attracts certain women.
  10. Women love to have something that belongs to another woman. They love to compete. Women compete with other women more than men compete with each other. When it comes to relationships, women will compete more with each other and the thrill of knowing a man sneaks behind his wife to be with them gives them an edge in the competition.

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