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10 Ways To Slide Into Ladies’ DMs Like A Professional

by Oduse David

Most of us are already so deep in the use of social media platforms that everyone already knows and understands what it means to slide into someone’s DM. Right?

And if you are just playing catch-up on the popular slang, sliding into someone’s DM is a flowery word that describes the act of starting a private conversation with someone on social media networks, as opposed to bantering on the timeline where other users can see your convo.

If you want to slide into a lady’s DM and achieve success right there like Banky did with Adesua Etomi, there are rules to follow.

In this article, I wrote 10 subtle ways to do just that, with some pieces of advice from a female friend, Catherine. With these 10 rules, you’re guaranteed to get almost every babe’s attention. They’re listed as follows;

  1. Your first line;
    Make sure your icebreaker line is pretty cool. Certain greetings like “Hi dear”, “Good morning baby” “Hi sweetie” might never get responded to.
    Why? The girl probably doesn’t even know you much like that yet. Don’t be quick to throw words of affirmation at her.
  2. No wack handles/names:
    If your username, ID or handle is anything as mundane as the following “@emekatoomanymoney @Femibillionaire @Bayorunningthings @TheDonOfLekki @AdeMoney @Babaforthegirls @JoeFineBoy @Jkhnsixpacks,” Catherine says you won’t make it with her, and several girls will concur with her on this one.
  3. The content of your page:
    “Also, stay away from me if the first picture I’ll see on your page is a shirtless six packs (I’ll drool but that’s it… nothing personal☺) or a stack of cash or gold jewelleries.”
    Many ladies will agree with Catherine on this one, too.
  4. Go straight to the point:
    Don’t beat around the bush. Random messages from a man already ignite air of suspicions in these ladies, anyway. So it is much better to not waste her time and yours.
    A better way to be direct is this “Hi, my name is Oduse David. Can I know you more better?”
  5. Tribes don’t matter:
    Most folks don’t give a damn about ethnicity, tribe or religion. So, you can proceed based on that belief except there are things in her posts or profile bio that suggest otherwise.
  6. Don’t abbreviate like a college kid:
    Don’t say: “Hi, my name z David. Pliz snd me ur numba. I’ll lyk 2 stay in touch”
    Instead of that, do it this way “Hi, my name is David. Please send your number. I’ll like to keep in touch with you”
  7. Native dialects are extra boosts:
    Depending on the lady’s DM you are sliding into, “chatting” in a shared local dialect could open the door and get you her attention. But never forget, people can be different. Some ladies don’t care or might not respond.
  8. Humour and wits always win:
    “A humorous, witty, sarcastic or artistic guy will stand a greater chance. But if you are not… please… don’t try at all.” Catherine says.
  9. Religious visions:
    And again, the 24-year old lady says, “please keep whatever your pastor or bishop said to you, to yourself. God is yet to speak to me about you.” If you want to enjoy her attention, stay off or avoid telling her about visions. It won’t just work.
  10. Don’t over-do it:
    “Finally, keep it safe and simple… or you’ll lose me at ‘hello.”’ Catherine reveals.

What do you think of these rules? Let’s know in the comment section below.

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