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3 Relationship Lessons From Banky W and Adesua Every Couple Should Learn

by Oduse David

Banky W and Adesua Etomi have blown our minds with their love story and we’re out here learning from their blissful romance.

How could we all not be amazed at the way Banky W lovingly found a way to coin another sweet name of Adesuwa [Susu], or the way Susu lovingly referred to Banky as Olubankole. I mean such romance was just too much to not get us high in our feelings.

Well, we are still so happy for them but the euphoria their love tale brought us has calmed a bit and we can now observe their fairytale with a view to understanding what we can learn from the amazing couple.

In this article, I wrote 3 lessons every dating couples out there should learn. Below, I highlighted three relationship tips your relationship can use from Adesua and Banky’s lovestory. They’re listed as follows;

  1. The friend-zone isn’t such a bad place:
    Yeah. That was pretty easy to see, right? And this one go to the men.
    Come on guys, when a lady says she just wants to be friends with you, you have to respect that and not run away because you do not want to be in the ‘friendzone.’
    The handsome, talented, rich Banky W was friends with Adesua for about a year and half, even though he was longing to have her as something more than friends.
    If Banky can do that, you surely can, too.
    You need a little more patience, guys. Not every friendzone relationship is a bad idea, anyways.
  2. Love thrives on social media:
    You’ve heard stories of people finding their soulmate on social media networks and getting the love of their life by responding to DMs, messages and all that.
    Of course that is how Banky W got the ball rolling into Adesua’s court, and see where they are now.
    If there ever was further evidence that love do thrive on social media, Banky W and Susu’s story is ideal for that.
  3. Your relationship needs good friends:
    If Banky W and Adesua Etomi’s friends had slyly released the gossip before the couple were ready to announce to the public, the whole romance would still have excited and suprised everyone, but it wouldn’t have been as beautiful as this. It would have taken some polishing off everything, as we now know it.
    Everyone deserves the type of friends this blessed couple has, and every couple deserves to have their dating relationship grow at their own pace.
    Get you respective friends to respect your relationship enough, to know when to be there for you, and when to hide their faces.

I hope these 3 lessons will be of immense benefits to every dating couples out there, including engaged partners. May the ship of your romance sail safely to the harbour. Say Amen!!
Thanks for reading!!

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