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3 Things Ladies Usually Do When They’re Cheating

by Oduse David

Most often, people do cheat for different reasons. The general opinion is that it’s wrong, whatever the reason behind the mundane action.

If someone has ever cheated on you, I’m quite sure you know that it feels pretty awful. It’s derailing to your ego and your self-esteem.

If you are a man reading this article; I wrote 3 subtle signs that shows your woman is cheating on you. They’re listed as follows;

  1. She is always lost in thought:
    Ladies are known to be attention mongers and great listeners. They sacrifice a lot in dating relationships but if she rarely pays attention to what their man is saying, that means something or someone else is occupying their minds.
    Infact, sometimes your woman may be totally lost in thought and may even lose touch with her physical senses. If she is cheating, she will also probably be thinking of how to break up with you, and hence, may appear distracted.
  2. She has lost interest in romance:
    No matter how good the romance is, your girl will definitely lose interest if she is dating another guy. She will begin to act so indifferent and distant lately; finding flimsy excuses and reasons not to spend intimate time with you.
  3. Constantly asking about her man’s schedule:
    Most ladies do inquire about their man’s daily schedule to plan for surprises, prepare dinner on time, or to go out on dates. But if she suddenly exhibits excessive interest in her man’s daily routine, and wants to know exactly when he leaves home and comes back, she might be planning to call the other man over for a visit.

Dear reader, if your woman shows or does these three things. It’s quite obvious that she’s cheating on you. It’s left to you to act like a man about it.
Thanks for reading!!

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