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5 Annoying Things Men Do In Relationships That Make Their Wives Cheat

by Oduse David

When it’s usually a norm for a married man to cheat and have side chicks littered all over the place in the society we live in, for a married woman, it’s termed a taboo. The society frowns on a married woman cheating even if the marriage is not working out.

Unfortunately today, according to research, the statistics of married women that cheat in marriage is over 55%! The question now is, what caused the sudden turn around for the typical Nigerian women who were hitherto loyal to their spouses in sunshine and difficulties taken to the way of their male counterparts who cheat conveniently.

A relationship requires loads of sacrifices for things to work out but a majority of African men do not like to put in the work, they just enjoy being in control and dishing out commands whether necessary or not thus provoking the woman they vowed to love and protect to misbehave in the process. We have compiled a list of some of the things men do that makes their spouses irritated in the process, prompting them to hunt for fresher blood. Enjoy the list…

  1. Always On The Move: It’s a shame to know that some men in this age and time believe all a woman need is money. They feel once he works hard to provide all the necessities of life like good accommodation, good cars and enough money for housekeeping among all other things, then the woman is beyond satisfied. They put in more and more hours to work, travel around the world while leaving the wife to nurture the kids alone and on her part, she is starved of affection and attention, the real reasons she got married in the first place. By the time she comes on the social media and some men sowers her attention and TLC, such a woman may fall and before she knows it, she is cheating on her betrothed husband.
  2. The Egoistic Husband: It is the right of every human to have a sense of self-worth or self-importance. It is the core of our being to be valued and appreciated, God made it that way. However, when a man possesses an enormously unnecessary sense of importance, it gets really unattractive and even disgusting to women. When a man thinks of himself as the best thing to ever happen to the woman he married; some even feel they have done the wife a favour by marrying them and they rub it on their faces and they even demean her in the process. A lot of women may seem to endure this, perhaps for the sake of her children, but behind your back, if she finds a man that shows her not just love but respect and tell her how much she is valued, she may fall for his antics.
  3. Any form of abuse: Jide (Ogun) feels he has done nothing wrong so far he does not physically abuse his wife. Unknowingly to him, his wife is dying daily of the verbal and emotional abuse he churns out to her at the slightest provocation. She cries herself to sleep almost every night and her health is deteriorating due to this and yet Jide does not stop. In time Labake (His wife) started to message her old flame and in a short time their love story was rekindled and even though the duo is still married to their spouses, their love for each other know no bounds. May married men have pushed their wives into the arms of some emotionally hungry men due to this huge mistake Jide makes.
  4. Not showing appreciation: A good woman is the caregiver of her home. She wakes up and cares for every single person in her household needs while neglecting herself in the process. However, there is simply nothing a woman can do to please some men. All they enjoy doing is nagging and not showing appreciation. So, when she sees a man that appreciates the woman in her, the time she spends to care for the children, make the home a serene atmosphere, take care of herself, make her hair, pray and so on even though he is not her husband, butterflies may begin forming inside her tummy and she may begin to fall head over heels in love with him.
  5. Not Shaving the Factory: Some men think it’s only a woman to shave and be clean down there. A friend told me about her husband’s factory and how much fumigation and exhuming she does each time she wanted to go down below to pleasure him orally. Sometimes the hair down there would have changed from black to orange due to low level of hygiene and he would expect her to lick the entire factory, including the balls while making out. She tearfully laments how disgusted she gets when she is mandated to perform those tasks.

Are there things we left out on the list that make married women cheat? You can add it at the comment session.

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