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5 Things Nigerians Do Better Than Other Countries In The World

by Oduse David

Nigeria is said to be a blessed nation flowing with milk and honey. Lol, I’ve never seen a stream flowing with either milk or honey. Well, that’s what I used to hear from our elders while I was still growing up.

Nonetheless, Nigeria is blessed with rich and diverse ethnic groups, with wonderful, intelligent and resourceful people. I’m proud to be a Nigerian, what about you?

The purpose of writing this article is highlight five things that Nigerians do better than any other place, in the world. They are briefly discussed below:

  1. Traditional Weddings: If you over 30 years and you’re yet to get a soulmate, our elders will frustrate you with the frequent reminders they will be giving you, as you’ll surely know someone getting married every single weekend. Nigerians are better than any other country, in the world when it come to traditional wedding and ceremonies. We remain the best for that aspect.

2. Eating Chicken With Bone: I don’t of any other nation in the world where its citizens can eat chicken and turkey to the last bone. Nigerians are quite talented, I guess God blessed us with sharper teeth when he’s creating the world. It sounds funny, right? Well, that’s the main truth.

3. Optimistic Mind: No matter how terrible things can be, Nigerians will always be optimistic for better conditions. Despite the fact that we’ve been suffering from bad leadership and governance, most Nigerians still believe that Nigeria will become great one day. Can you tell me any other country that has optimistic people like Nigerians? I guess your answer will be nope.

4. Selling In Traffic Jams: Oh boy, don’t even think even of it, no country can compete with us, in this regard. Hardly will you be in a traffic jam without seeing street hawkers trying to sell their goods to motorists and passengers. It’s in our blood. “Naija no dey carry last,” like we use to say.

5. Kpekus: This is another aspect were also good at. No wonder all these white women want to date Nigerian guys whenever they travel abroad. I believe you know what ‘Kpekus’ mean by now. Have you ever wondered how our population grew from about 60 million in 1960, to over 200 million as at present. It’s only because Nigerians are very good at doing kpekus. No other country can drag the No.1 spot with us, in this aspect.

What other things do you know Nigerians do better than any other country? Let’s hear your contribtions to this topic in the comments section.
Thanks for reading.

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