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5 Things You Should Know About Rebound Relationships

by Oduse David

When someone gets out of an old relationship and decides to get into a new one, either because they don’t know how to stay alone, or because they don’t want to, such affair is known as a rebound relationship.

When break-up happens, it is often much better to give yourself the chance to heal and come to terms with what has recently happened.
Going straight into another dating relationship after one just ended, isn’t always a nice idea.

So, you know what rebound relationship entails, and that it’s usually a crazy idea, but that’s not all there is about this type of dating relationship.

In this article, I listed five more things you should know about this, and why you will be better off, avoiding it than involving yourself in it. They’re listed as follows;

  1. Unresolved issues:
    Rebound relationships can begin with a lot of issues that is left over from the former relationship. That’s why it hardly last long, or even end well. Too many unresolved baggages from the old relationship is carried over and could find it’s way into the new relationship in harmful, negative ways.
  2. It is always about the ex. Not about you or your new partner:
    Most often, it is always about that ex-partner to whom you want to prove that you are lovable, or that you have actually moved on. And when you do this, you are still allowing that ex-lover to live in your mind rent-free. You should never rush into a new relationship to prove a point to your ex-partner. To do this is just disrespectful, unfair and emotionally abusive to your new partner or lover.
  3. Could be fun:
    Rebound relationships could be fun, at times. Especially if both lovers know that it is nothing really serious, and endeavour to enjoy one another’s company while it lasts.
    In this idea, it is more of an experiment than a dating relationship in the sense of it; more like a ‘friends with benefits’ romance. Given that both loves know what they are getting into, ahead of time.
  4. Could be source of distraction:
    It could be the best transitional period for an heartbroken fellow. Instead of being solitaire and suffering the pain of the break-up alone; you could reduce the pain by having someone to do ‘emotional things’ with.
  5. They are often temporary:
    Eventually, when one of the dating partners realizes later that he/she has only been used as a rebound from a previous relationship, it could lead to another split.
    One should then ask; what is the point of the rebound dating relationship, then?

On a final note, rebound dating relationships are more negative than positive. You should rather let yourself feel the pains, loneliness and emptiness. Then. move on from that spot, knowing you have shed yourself of all bad emotions and your next action is actually “moving on with life.”

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