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If You Live In FCT, Ogun and Lagos State: Here Are 13 Important Guidelines For You Before Going Out On May 4th.

by Oduse David

If you live in Abuja, Lagos, Ogun, read this 13 important information before you go out on Monday, May 4th.

All of us in Abuja, Lagos and Ogun are looking forward to Monday, 4th of May to dash out to our business and other engagements. But before then, please read this, digest and practice these safety guidelines;

We have to adjust our way of life and help ourselves by PRACTICING PERSONAL HYGIENE.

We will be coming in out and dealing with a lot of people. Danfo Drivers, Hawkers, Customers, Road users, Food Vendors, Marwa/Keke, Taxi and Bike Men, etc. We cannot know who has the virus. Hence, we need high level of PERSONAL HYGIENE.

1. We can no more use our teeth to tear “pure water.”  Sellers’ hands have touched it. Do you get my point.

2. Don’t allow seller to peel and blow your groundnuts (or buy already peeled ones). Remember, Coronavirus thrive on droplets.

3. Eat only at hygienic places, clean environment and where seller uses clean protective equipments.

4. Hugging should also be suspended. Social distancing is advised.

5. Once you touch currencies and coins, hand-washing with soap is vital because currencies travel a lot.

When you touch Naira notes given to you, as change by Conductors, Sellers Etc, make sure you don’t put same hand in Mouth, Eyes or Nose. Wash your hands appropriately.

6. You can’t place your mouth on a Bottle of Coke belonging to someone else (pour in cups if you need to share).

7. You must clean surfaces always, most especially the ones a lot of people make use of.

8. Carry your bag(s) yourself. The era of ‘Oga Sir’ is over, except you’re comfortable with Coronavirus.

9. Stop touching people when you talk. It’s an habit you’ve to end for the meantime.

10. Whenever we buy something and it’s placed inside a nylon, have it in mind that the nylon could also be contaminated. Get home and wash your hands.

11. Always close the restroom’ seat after flushing. Bacteria, viruses, etc goes into air with uncovered toilet seat.

12. Whenever you get here, don’t hug your kids or spouse. First, pull off your clothes for laundry, go to the toilet and either take a shower with soap, or wash your hands before you hug your kids and/or spouse.

13. If possible, drive your own car until things get far better. Cook and carry your own food and drinking water.

Stay safe.

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