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Reason Why President Buhari Shouldn’t Ease Covid-19 Lockdown Anytime Soon (Opinion)

by Oduse David

Almost everyone in the world knows that humanity is suffering from one of the most deadly infections we’ve have seen, presently.

As a result, most countries have placed their countries on total lockdown, as a safe measure in reducing the transmission of the deadly virus to one another by the respective citizens.

Nigeria, as a nation, is not left behind as President Buhari announced that the FCT, Lagos, Ogun and other affected states should be placed on total lockdown, in order to curb the spread of Coronavirus.

Although, the lockdown order didn’t go well with most Nigerians, especially the residents of Lagos and Ogun states, as most of them lamented that they have no means of surviving the isolation directive.

Things even went sour, in Lagos and Ogun metropolis, when hoodlums started to attack innocent residents in their homes, dispossessing them of the little money and food materials they have at home.

Well, the hunger and lockdown doesn’t justify crime. Anyways, the prompt response of the Nigerian Police in the states, to the attacks have subsided the crimes being perpetrated by the hoodlums. Kudos to the gallant officers.

Four weeks after the lockdown order, President Buhari announced in his live broadcast on Monday, April 27th, that the lockdown will be eased starting from Monday, May 4th, in which commercial banks, construction companies, food processing industries and civil servants, are expected to resume whilst maintaining protective and social distancing measures.

However, the rising figure of confirmed Covid-19 cases should be considered by the Federal Government of Nigeria, because it may be too catastrophic for everyone to ease out of lockdown while the virus is still spreading fast, out there.

This is the major reason why President Buhari shouldn’t ease the lockdown, any time soon. Nigerians are not yet ready for the disaster that may accompany easing the lockdown. I’ll rather advise that the Government should step up in their efforts to make provisions for Nigerians to help sustain themselves while at home. That way, no one will have reason to advocate for suspension of Covid-19 lockdown, while a vaccine is yet to be developed.

“A word is enough for the wise,” they say. I pray a solution will be developed soon, so that everyone can resume with their normal lives. Amen.

What do you think about this topic? Do you think President Buhari is right easing the Covid-19 lockdown order? Let’s hear your personal opinions and perspectives in the comments section. Your views will be respected.

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