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Ladies, Here Are 10 Truths Your Boyfriend Will Never Tell You

by Oduse David
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If you are wondering or interested in knowing the truths your boyfriend may never tell you. In this article, I wrote 10 of them which are listed below:

You look a little overweight

Ladies are fond of asking their men for opinions about their physical looks. So, it won’t be a suprise that you would want his view on whether you look a little busty around your waistline.

However, if you are expectant of him to say yes to your question, maybe you should think again.

His friends don’t like you

Your boyfriend won’t want to admit to you on this because, he truly loves you and that’s what actually matters.

He’s not impressed by that 500k weave

Although he won’t tell you this, so as not to taunt your feelings and efforts to ‘look extra good for him’

He doesn’t think much of your best dress

You know that beautiful dress you are always so desperate and hyped to wear? Yes, that one you do keep in a special place and only put on when you want to be a total banger and gorgeous slay lady.

Guess what, your guy may not actually like it. But he won’t tell you because he doesn’t wanna kill your vibe.

Your cooking is terrible

More especially if he isn’t a good cook himself or if he’s the lazy type who depends on you to do the cooking regularly. He won’t want to admit that the dish is really bad and he’s just chewing on the food because he has no other option.

The s*x is boring

Definitely, he won’t want to hurt your emotions by telling you that you’re bad at oral s*x [no pun intended] or that you could do much better with that reverse cowgirl position.

Actually, he should talk to you about the s”x. Because if he doesn’t, your s*x lives will only get more terrible and you guys don’t need that.

So, maybe it’s the right time to ask him for his honest opinion so as to see what he truly thinks about your s*x pattern.

You talk too much

He will want to keep this from you more because he doesn’t want you to believe he’s insulting you.

He doesn’t like your mum

If he doesn’t like your parents, you can’t expect your boyfriend to give you this piece of information, or do you? Nobody does that.

He thinks your friend is cuter than you

Just like the point mentioned above, nobody does that.

He’s not sure of marriage

Your boyfriend won’t tell you because he does not even know how to relate this information to you.

Rather, he’ll stay with you, and keep making things hard because in your own mind, you already see yourself married to him and carrying his two beautiful daughters and two handsome sons. Lol.

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