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14 Foods You Should Stop Eating After Age 30

by NaijaKOKO Admin

30 candles on your cake will mean big changes. What do you choose for those thirty candles, in a certain way?

Your body’s metabolism slows down to 30. When you touch it you plan to lose easy pounds. You may think of osteoporosis as a disease of older people, but it starts at age 30.

Whether you have children or start a family, fertility varies.

Before you get depressed, remember that food is an important part of the aging process. Choosing the right diet can slow down aging. What foods make you age? You don’t believe what’s on the list.

1. Sugar

Americans direct sugar. Most Americans eat 66 pounds of sugar every year! As the metabolism slows down, so does the ability to process sugar. The body accumulates all these calories in the hips, stomach and other fat stores.

Excess sugar causes insulin resistance which can lead to infertility. Sugar weakens wrinkles and skin.

Remember that sugar is hidden in almost every processed food. But … there are always artificial sweeteners, right?

2. Artificial sweets

Artificial sugars confuse the body for not providing calories and our body cannot control our appetite.

Artificial sweeteners are linked to cancer. Use can lead to poor insulin response and high glucose levels. These contribute to fat storage, metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes, and cardiovascular disease.

3. Alcohol

Alcohol is full of calories. The body cannot burn for more than 30 years, these extra calories feed the gut of the beer. Beer also raises insulin levels, which is very difficult for you.

Alcohol can cause you to drink, but you probably won’t fall asleep. The next day you like carbs and sugar.

Maybe you need coffee. This can’t be bad!

4. Caffeine

In addition to all the sugars and chemicals added to milk or glue, caffeine has an effect on sleep quality.

Caffeine can age too much when you don’t let your beauty rest. Like alcohol, caffeine can cause too many carbohydrates. A package of coal loaded on pounds.

I have clean soda.

5. Brominated vegetable oil

What do the spaceship and some clean drinks have in common? Both contain brominated vegetable oil (BVO). OVO can cause memory loss, nerve problems and internal inflammation. If you have thyroid or fertility problems, you may skip BVO.

You may want to combine a sandwich to feed your body away from caffeine and alcohol. What can he do wrong with his body and his thirty-year-old body?

6. White flour

Do you remember when the bread that made the biggest sandwich was made? Your body of 30 things deserves better. White flour is not on the list.

Your body converts white flour into glucose. Glucose is easily stored as fat. White flour is improved from all good things like fiber. The whole grain is swallowed more slowly and will help you keep it up all the time.

Wholemeal breads and whole grain breads may have acquired flavor, but it’s important.

7. Partially hydrogenated oils and fats

Your whole margarine grain sandwich has 30 things hard for your body. Partially hydrogenated and hydrogenated vegetable oils are hard on the heart. They cause chronic inflammation.

In men, trans fats can cause lower fertility. They also interfere with hormones and can reduce memory and brain function. Change the butter a little. Your brain and joints will appreciate it!

Now, complete your whole grain margarine-free sandwich.

8. Processed meat

No more processed meats or bacon! Nitrates help make processed meat more palatable. However, nitrates turn into cancer by creating chemicals in your body. Avoid meat processed with nitrates, as well as organic nitrate.

Processed meat is very rich in sodium (we’ll talk about salt!) And saturated fats. Since we’ve talked about fats, know that saturated fats are hard on the heart and waist.

He accepts this thirty-year-old heart and refuses processed meat.

9. Salt

Everyone needs salt, but not too much salt. Think about the effects on your body 30.

Have you ever noticed that fast food sticks to your rings? Your body dilutes and germinates with salt. Sodium increases blood pressure and the risk of stroke.

Because salt improves the taste, almost all canned or processed foods contain a lot of salt. Read the labels and leave a touching amount of salt!

10. Coffee Creamer

It’s easy and fast. But the coffee cream is awesome for you. A coffee cream can achieve this beautiful white color using titanium dioxide. You will find it in sunscreens and cause damage to the liver and tissues with mice.

Creams are trans fats. Trans fats are hard on the heart, joints, brain function and hormones. Your 30-year-old needs all the help he can get, so leave your coffee zippers on.

11. Microwaves and cans

For something busy for 30 years, a prepared meal is a blessing. However, the only ration is that nightmares often have high levels of salt, sugar and fat.

You know salt and sugar. Add chemical additives and you have very unhealthy food.

Prepared meals tend to have less fiber and therefore wear out quickly. They may contain MSG to make the food taste good. It also increases the desire to eat.

Preserves can be full of BPA. BPA causes hormonal imbalances, cancer, infertility and weight gain.

12. Condiments

Maya, ketchup, soy sauce and other similar condensations contain 30 ingredients that prevent us from having many ingredients. Salt is the biggest culprit.

Soy sauce is made with fermented soy. Soy has been linked to chronic inflammation and thyroid. It also contains a lot of MSG.

13. Soy

Whole, boiled, organic soy seems to be healthy. The problem is found in almost all soybean oils and fillings. For a time, soy seemed like a miracle food, but later research raised doubts.

Soy can cause breast cancer cells and memory problems. Soy can cause headaches in some people.

14. Non-Organic products

This is debatable, but consider the hypothesis.

As the plant grows, it uses it to grow food. The plant does not care where the nutrients come from. The product may contain a lot of pesticides or pesticide residues.

The fear is that pesticides will build up in your body and become toxic. Inorganic foods are also soaked in wax and other preservatives.

You probably won’t have to eat it with apple every day.


Food is fuel and its 30 bodies need good fuel. Choose a conscious decision about what to feed your body and you will have better heart, joint, waist and forward wrinkle factors.

Avoid excess salt, sugar, white flour, alcohol and partially hydrogenated vegetable oils. Remember that comfort is not everything, especially when you run the risk of getting “everything” into your body.

The more you know, the better your chances will be for your family and for the next decade.

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