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8 Reasons Why Yoruba Ladies Are Excellent Wife Materials

by Oduse David
A Beautiful Yoruba Lady

While ladies from different tribes are believed to have certain skills, some are generally believed not to measure up to the standards of others, in one way or the other. Many people do analyse the behaviours based on their personal experiences with one or two ladies from the same tribe they have come across.

However, it should be known that although some certain behaviours have been attributed to women from various tribes, it doesn’t apply totally to all the women in the ethnic group. The public assumptions are just based on the common thimgs you will see most ladies from such area do.

Everyone knows that marriage is quite a complex decision to make. You must be prepared for many new challenges and issues. It shows how two different indidviduals try to be united for all their lives. That is why this important decision – marrying a Yoruba lady – is supposed to be taken serious.

Now, let us return to the main topic – Yoruba girls. They will not fall your hand whenever you take them to the party. The manner in which they would blend there can make you think that they were born for this purpose alone. Yoruba ladies may attract you by their gigantic and curvy backside. And now, I implore you to read some interesting facts about these lovely women:

  1. Yoruba Ladies Are Very Respectful
    The moment a girl is born in Yorubaland, the responsibilty of training is on everybody around the baby, not just the biological parents. This has made it very easy to inculcate gokd habits into the young child. Yoruba ladies are brought up to totally give respect to who ever it is due. The Yoruba culture demand that when a young folk meets an elder, she’s expected kneel down and greet as a sign of respect.
    All these and more are reasons why Yoruba ladies top the list of respectful people in Nigeria. Yoruba women will greet you almost every day: in the morning, in the afternoon, in the evening. However, there is another problem. You will not understand when something wrong happens. If they are offended, the ladies won’t stop greeting you.
  2. Yoruba Ladies Are Highly Enlightened
    Education, they say, is light that illuminates the world. A high percentage of girls from Yoruba tribe take schooling very serious, which gives them an advantage over ladies from other tribes in Nigeria. A typical Yoruba woman would prefer to go to school, get professional certificates before thinking of marriage, which is quite rare in some tribes. This help them structure their lives well enough, to get prepared for the future ahead, before jumping into marriage.
  3. Yoruba Ladies Are Family-Oriented
    The same manner every young kid is taught how to be respectful, is the same manner Yoruba ladies are taught how to always put their families first, no matter the situation. They are brought up with the mindset that a friend will one day leave, but family will always be family. This trait alone can make a man fall in love over and over, with the same wife, who has cultivated the habit of keeping her family together.
  4. Yoruba Ladies Age Gracefully
    Because most Yoruba ladies keep themselves well before getting married, there are perfect chances for them to look much younger than their real age. They are more agile, even in old age to care for their family. Just like fine old wine, Yoruba women get stronger, while they grow older. This has remained an unexplainable feature.
  5. Yoruba Ladies Are Hardworking
    Quite often, Yoruba girls do grow up with the teachings of self-reliance. This is because at a younger age, they get trained about how to execute major household chores, and how to exceptionally take care of the home, the husband and the children.
  6. The girls adore cooking food
    They like different dishes very much. You may be sure that you will never go hungry. Delicious meals will always await you at home. Your kids will be in good care too. Yoruba girls like to give useful, moral, disciplined and important knowledge to their kids.
  7. These ladies like to dress beautifully
    You can be proud of your future queen because Yoruba ladies are fond of beautiful clothing. They always want to look gorgeous. It doesn’t mean that all other tribes are similar, but the most part of women is dependable on dressing and their physical appearance.
  8. You should be prepared for some spices
    As much as these amazing girls often use spices, while preparing the dishes, you should be ready to accept this fact before even marrying a Yoruba woman. Even some desserts are laced with pepper. By the way, if you have any medical condition, which does not allow you to eat spicy meals, you must warn your girlfriend/fiancee/wife, in order to avoid future fights.

With the points mentioned above, it is not always guaranteed that every Yoruba lady becomes a wife material, automatically. You still have to watch the lady’s character and be sure of what you want, before making her your final choice.

I hope you got value from this? Please, share your thoughts about this topic in the comment section. Thanks for reading to the end!

Oduse David is a Digital Journalist that writes content based on national and social issues.

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