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Day 3: BBNaija | Keeping it juicy

by NaijaKOKO Admin

The Housemates seemed to have saved the juiciest revelations for last as they spilt some interesting facts about themselves after the Diary session. There was something about taking that centre seat that made them feel like they entered a confession booth.

Eight years a lover

Brighto talked about his academic exploits but that wasn’t what got the room buzzing. It was the brief comment he made about his relationship that made the rest of the Housemates hit rewind on the remote control. There was no way they were letting him gloss over that piece of juicy information. Apparently Brighto had been in a relationship that lasted for eight years and as the Housemates prodded further, he revealed they had weren’t intimate during their affair. As expected, the guys expressed shock at him holding all that pent-up love juice in him for so long.

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Trust the streets not to overlook such juicy information, they also had a go at him too.

The Adult content lovers and the self helps

Although they come from different backgrounds, Prince and Trickytee share a passion for being go-getters. Not only have they both fulfilled their dream of making it into the Big Brother House, but they have also set up businesses for themselves in their quest to be self-sufficient. But that isn’t really the juicy part. Their love for exotic adult content is what had their Housemates looking at them with side-eyes. While Prince has an appetite for homemade videos, Trickytee is a lover of all. Trickytee did say it was a past time guilty pleasure, but the gleam in his eyes at that moment had the Housemates in doubt.   

Nengi’s confession about her self-helping escapades because of her long-distance relationship rattled quite a few in the House and had the streets buzzing.

Tension brewing

The ‘get to know me’ session did create mild tension between Lucy and Lilo and there was a bit of confrontation. Lilo believed she heard Lucy make a side comment about her during her session and confronted her. Lucy insisted she didn’t make that comment in response to her and felt if Lilo should have asked her rather than going on the offensive. In her discussion with Tochi about her confrontation, she said the comment she made about the session being hurried up was not addressed to Lucy but a general response to the entire session because she was getting hungry. “If you did not hear something well, you could have asked me,” she said wondering why the confrontation.

Tochi seemed to egg her on and the streets read more to it.

As each day passes, the Drama the House is known for is beginning to rear its head and the Housemates may give us a lot more than we bargained for and we are here for it.

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