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If You Don’t Want Trouble With Police Officers, Follow These 5 Guidelines

by Oduse David
Nigerian Police officers

The Nigerian Police Force is a federal government paramilitary parastatal that’s saddled with the duty of maintaining peace, order and security within the states of the federation. Armed with rifles and other lethal weapons, they’ve been able to keep up with their national mandate, as lives and properties of citizens are secured, although we have some exceptions in the North and South East.

However, it’s quite common for civillians to run into one trouble or the other with Police officers. Public harassment is not a new thing to most of us.
Therefore, I took my time to write 5 tips to stay away or avoid troubles with men of the Nigerian Police. They’re enumerated as follows;

  1. Whenever you approach a police checkpoint, make sure the interior lights of the car are switched on, if it’s dark, and keep your hands visible to avoid any suspicion.
  2. Reduce the volume of your car stereo. Courtesy demands this from you. Moreover, you’ll be able to hear each other better. This simple gesture can help you to gain the confidence of the police officer.
  3. Provoking a police officer is a bad idea. Quite often, you hear people mutter words like “shoot me, if you can.” You should know that this is a direct invitation to disaster. It can be very provocating and can also lead to unnecessary ‘wahala.’
    So, I’ll advise you to play by the rules. You don’t know the state of mind of the concerned officer.
  4. Never attempt to touch a police officer in a rough manner. He may feel you’re trying to disarm him, and that may be catastrophic. By professional ethics, he’s permitted to shoot you, if he’s sure you want to attempt disarming him. Be guided!
  5. Never boast of any influence or connection you have. If you have any issue with police, ensure you’re safe first, before claiming to be this and that. Even, if you’re the son of a Senator, your father won’t bring you back to life, if anything goes wrong. Please, be guided!

On a final note, I’m calling on the Government and the authorities of the Nigerian Police to teach their officers about the fundamental human rights of citizens. Police officers should desist from extortion of innocent citizens.
If all these guidelines are maintained, well definitely have a peaceful ecosystem for all Nigerians.

Thanks for reading!

Oduse David is a Digital Journalist that writes content based on national and social issues.

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