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Just In: #BBNaija Housemates Fanbase Names

by NaijaKOKO Admin

The trend of giving a name to fandom is quite evident in the BB Naija universe. While in most cases, some of the fans get to create their names from the first week of the Season, others are coined by the Housemates themselves.

Are you stomped when trying to coin a name for your favourite Lockdown Housemate? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! From Lilo’s LiloLovers to Dorathy’s Dora the explorers and Tolanibaj’s Tforce, our definitive guide to fan base names will leave you wondering no more.

Fan base names range from cute to crazy. And although they may seem a little ridiculous and unimportant, these names can boost your publicity as much as a trending hashtag. So how do you go about picking a name to call your own fans by? Sit tight and let the Lockdown Housemates school you.

  1. Personify your name: Take a part of your name and personify it. For instance, Bright’s Army, T-Force, etc
  2. Make a play on your name: If your name is short and sounds like a perfect movie title, then why not play with your fandom name? Example, Lilovers, NeoKnights
  3. Use one of your favourite songs… or cartoons. We see you Dorathy! (Or should we say the leader of the Dora the explorers)
  4. Why not make it an army like Brighto, Tochi, Trikytee, and Tolanibaj did?

We asked the Lockdown geng to name their fandom…

The ones that have it all figured out

Housemate Preferred fan base name
Eric Ericmaniacs
Lilo Lilovers
Brighto Bright’s Army
Neo The NeoMatrix, The NeoKnights
Laycon Icons
Prince The Royal Navy
Trikytee Timmy’s army
Tochi Too-Nation
Tolanibaj T-Force

Their names sound so good, they had to call it twice

EricaKaisha, and Nengi thought it was safe to have their fanbase go by their names. Go team Erica, team Kaisha, and team Nengi! 

And of course, we have the ones that will rather leave it in the hands of their fans

“I prefer for the name to naturally occur as I grow and develop as a person and brand,” Kiddwaya said.

Before you tell us which fan base you rep, see what Twitter fans have come up with:

So tell us, were you able to predict your fave’s fanbase name? Who do you think has the most creative name? 

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