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3 Romantic Ways To Make Your Girlfriend Miss You

by Oduse David
Make your girlfriend miss you

It’s a popular opinion that women are attention seekers. It’s not even negotiable. Yeah, women love the feeling of being chased by men. Likewise, we guys love the feeling of chasing a new beautiful chick. The cycle goes round, on and on.

However, despite the fact that ladies love to be chased after, some of them don’t usually give a damn about the dating partners. This is a source of concern to some men, out there. The reason is not far-fetched. It’s simply because she doesn’t miss you.

So, how can we make our girlfriends to miss us? I explained few tricks to do just that, in this article. They’re listed as follows;

1.) Make her laugh whenever you spend time together. The fastest way to win a woman’s heart is through laughter. You should know how to crack some funny jokes that’ll make her break the ribs. So, she will feel your absence when you’re not with her, and that makes her miss you. Don’t allow another to make your woman happy more than you do.

2.) Don’t call her regularly. Women do get bored easily when you’re always in touch with her. It makes her get so acquainted to you, and that make become monotonous, in the long run. As a man, you should know when to keep your distance, from time to time. This will make her crave your presence and attention.

3.) Spend more time with your male friends. By doing this, your attention for her will be reduced. Once she notices you’re not always available for her, she will definitely start to miss you. If she’s the expressive type, she won’t hesitate to tell you that she needs more of you. She must MISS you, my brother.

Do these three tricks I just mentioned, and you have your woman frequently on your beck-and-call. Thanks for reading!

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