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4 Reasons Why Guys Should Date Single Mothers

by Oduse David
Guys should date single mothers!

Dating a single mother should not be a big deal. In the typical African community, single mothers are usually avoided like a plague by young guys, in their choice of dating partners. Well, the case shouldn’t be so. Single mothers are human beings like us. They also need to love and be loved, in return.

Who is a single mother? A single mothers is an unmarried woman that have one or more kids already to mwn they’re not married to. A critical study reveals that there are several factors that make women become single mothers. Most often, these factors are beyond their control.

No matter the reason, it doesn’t mean the society should look down on them. Just like every other lady, they are fearfully and wonderfully made.

Therefore, in this article, I explained four reasons why guys should consider single mothers in their choice of dating and marriage partners, subsequently. The four reasons are listed below:

1.) Single mothers are more respectful
Yes. Single moms are well mannered, respected, and possess good qualities that put a woman in the better picture. You should agree with me that the kind of treatment they get from the society makes them to treat people with respect.

They don’t look down on guys like the average single lady will do. They engage people around them with respect. If you’re looking for a woman that will give you respect, you should consider dating a single mother. They’re very great in this aspect.

2.) Single mothers are great wife materials.
One of the things we do say nowadays is that most ladies, out there, are not good wife materials. It’s a matter of great concern to every young man looking for a woman to marry. Every man want to marry a good wife. But, nobody considers a single mother in this aspect.

See, the responsibilties that a single mother bears on her shoulders, is more than what some married men can carry. As a result, the tasks they engage in, to take care of their kids make them great at handling duties when they eventually get married.

Therefore, if you’re still searching for a good wife material, you might, as well, consider going for a young, beautiful single mother. You’ll be glad you did!

3.) Single mothers are faithful partners
I don’t need to talk much here. Single Mothers are more faithful in relationships than other ladies. The reason is that they have more responsibilties to carry out, which makes them unavailable to engage in illicit affairs, here and there.

More so, they know the importance of having a man that cares about them, so, they won’t misuse the privilege whenever they find themselves in a dating relationship.

If you’re looking for a woman that will date just you, a single mother is the best choice for you to consider.

4.) Single mothers are usually independent
Another reason why you need to date single mothers is the fact that most of them are financially independent. Single mothers don’t need to wait for any man before they fend for themselves. Remember that, they have kids to cater for, so, they are always doing one thing or the other, to make ends meet.

So, when you end up dating one, you can be rest assured that she won’t put any pressure on you to pay her bills. You will only complement her, not sponsor her.

Despite the points I mentioned above, young guys should be careful with single mothers. We have some of them out there that became single mothers due to their bad habits and attitudes towards men. As a result, no man wants to settle with them, including the father of her kids.

Make sure you study her before making up your mind to date one.
In conclusion, single mothers are great people to be with. They don’t deserve the psychotical trauma the society make them go through.

Guys, can you marry a single mother? Let’s your opinions in the comments section. Don’t forget to share this to everyone you know.

Oduse David is a Digital Journalist that writes content on trending topics, national and social issues.

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