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5 Reasons Why Guys Should Never DATE Single Mothers

by Oduse David
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The other time, I wrote about some few reasons why guys should date single mothers. The article went well while some other readers criticized the article about one reason or the other.
Therefore, I’m writing some four reasons why you not date a single mother.

Like I defined in my earlier post, “a single mother is a young woman that have kids already while she’s yet to get married.” The word is self explanatory. A mother who is still single. I hope you get what I’m passing across.

Without wasting your precious time, here are some reasons why dating a single mother isn’t a good idea;

  1. Single mothers are usually promiscous
    Yes. Some ladies do become single mothers as a result of their promiscous affairs with men. You’ll see them jumping from one man to the other. Eventually, they conceive for someone that’s not ready to marry them or father the kids. So, if you find yourself falling in love with one, you might be doing yourself a great disadvantage.
  2. Single ladies are usually materialistic
    Sometimes, single mothers are only drawn to guys with fat pockets and luxurious possessions. They want to flaunt the latest fashion designers. They wanna rock the expensive shoes in vogue. They desire to shop in the biggest malls in town while driving posh cars to complement their expensive look.
    Therefore, if you’re the rich type, dating a single mother might draw you into a parasitic relationship. She’ll only be in love with your properties, not you. Be guided!
  3. Single mothers don’t stick to one man
    Another reason to stay away from single mothers is that they hardly stay with one man, for long. Due to their single motherly nature, they have this innate desire to hang out with many guy, as possible. So, if you’re dating one, you’re only entagled with a public property. She will definitely cheat on you.
  4. You will have to father another man’s children
    Imagine dating a woman that has bore kids to another man like you. You’ll be playing the role of a father to kids you don’t own. I’m very sure you don’t want that situation for yourself. Even your friends and family relatives will advise you against such. It’s not a good idea!
  5. She may finally leave you for the father of her kids
    This is another reason to consider. There are instances of women going back to the original father of her kids after being single for long. Quite often, it’s the man that come back to plead for forgiveness which leads to reconciliation. If this happens while you’re dating her, you will be the one to lose. Your time, efforts, and resources. Every thing will be wasted for nothing. In fact, this is most important factor to consider before dating a single mother, regardless of how nice, decent and responsibile she may be. Anything can later happen, along the way. Please, be guided!

Despite the reasons I listed here, there are good single mothers out there, as well. For every thing, there are good and bad sides of it.
If you think you love a single mother, just make sure you think about this factors before asking her out.

Guys, do you think dating a single mother is good? Let’s hear your opinions in the comments section. Also, don’t forget to share this to your contacts.

Oduse David is a Digital Journalist that writes on trending topics, national and social issues.

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