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5 Terrible Things You Should Never Say To Your Girlfriend

by Oduse David
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If you honestly claim to love your girlfriend, fiancee or wife, there are certain things you should never say to them, no matter the situation. Without wasting your precious time, five things you must never say are listed as follows;

1.) “You’re a woman, act like one”
Most often, when these words are used by guys to their partners, it is usually in the context of oppression and subjugation and any other concepts that illustrate the delimitation of the female folks, and promote their unfair treatment, in one way or the other.
Dear reader, don’t ever say this to any woman, and more importantly, not the woman you claim to love.

2.) Anything that makes her lose confidence
Actually, there isn’t a solid list of what to say or not; because, in the literal sense, there are dozens and scores of stuff that you should politely not say to anyone, and especially not to the special woman in your life.
In a more general sense, nevertheless, you can’t say some kind of stuff that drags down at your woman’s confidence. Infact, saying anything that brings her down, instead of building her up, is very wrong. You can’t even say that straight to her face, or even behind her back.

3.) Anything that pokes fun at her insecurities
Definitely, you know the extreme issues she tells you about, and the concern she expresses to you about a certain part of herself? Dear reader, those issues are out of limits. You can’t just make jokes out of them!
If she feels insecure about something, then it automatically go out of bounds. Although, women are drawn to men who make them laugh and create jokes out of anything, however, I doubt if any woman would find it funny if you dive into their insecurities as a form of joke. Please, be warned!

4.) Don’t say things you do not mean
This is an everlasting principle that every man should know, and never violte. If you don’t really mean it, don’t bother saying it to her. Not even when you are angry, because you may never have the privilege to apologise her away. Therefore, make sure you don’t say those hurtful words that you really don’t mean.

5.) If she asks if you think she looks fat…
Every responsibile man should know this by now, that it’s a trap you shouldn’t fall into. No matter what you’re seeing, never give an affirmative response to such questions.
Even if your woman demands your honest opinion, you answer remains “no” anytime, anytime!

Oduse David is a Digital Journalist that writes content based on national and social issues.

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