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BBNaija: Should This Reality Show Be Banned From National TV?

by Oduse David
Big Brother Naija Season 5

It’s no longer fresh news that the season 5 edition of the popular reality show known as Big Brother Naija (BBN) has premiered on Sunday, 19th of July 2020. The reality show had it’s opening night that day with a total of 20 housemates — 10 men, 10 women. Due to the present Covid-19 pandemic, this year’s edition was tagged “Lockdown.”

As usual or expected, the housemates were already gathering numerous fans on social media, while social media platforms buzzed with the BBNaija hashtag.

However, despite the level of acceptance showed by Nigerians toward the reality show, I believe BBNaija is a program that isn’t fit to be broadcasted on National TVs. Why?

From my own perspective, BBNaija is a show that promotes immorality into the minds of young adults, out there. Imagine one of the female housemates (name withheld) flaunting her female assets during the opening night. We all knew what happened that Sunday evening. The picture of the lady was being posted on the internet while she was nicknamed the “milk factory.”

This is what such kind of programs can promote. Let me ask you; as a decent minded individual, will you accept that kind of remarks from a fellow human being? In fact, it’s very wrong, as much as national sanity is concerned.

Some supporters of the reality show even argued that the program is meant to promote the housemates to the world. Will you keep shut there? What talents or intellects do the so-called housemates carry, that needs to be showcased? I’ll admit that Laycon is the only worthy housemate in that house. At least, he have a music career to promote. Nevertheless, it doesn’t justify the level of immorality that’s being displayed on television to Nigerians.

Let me ask another question; what’s the exact purpose of a show where you can’t win, if you don’t flirt with fellow housemates, of the opposite gender? What do you have to say about that? Or will you call that one as entertainment too?

To hit the nail on the head, there’s nothing entertaining or educating about BBNaija. Where are the real entertainment shows like Gulder Ultimate Search? Where’s Project Fame? Where’s Maltina Dance-All? Those are the real entertainment shows that promote talent, creativity and intellects.

Look, if you see that immoral show as entertainment, you need to service the engine parts of your Medulla.

BBNaija carries no positive influence or impact to the overall sanity of Nigerian youths, out there. Therefore, in my little opinion, I’m calling on the Federal Government of Nigeria to ban this immoral show from our national televisions.

Oduse David is a Digital Journalist that writes content based on national and social issues.

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