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How girls ward off guys they don’t like

by Olaitan Adeshola

A rapid look at this scenario: You’re pretty sure – at least that’s what absolutely everyone says, and you’ve obtained this no longer so fine, now not so prosperous man who’s been on your neck for the past 5 years. Yeah! You’re right. That’s creepy! He wouldn’t stop. He appears to continually have his methods round getting your contact details. You block him on Whatsapp, he finds you on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, title it – simply everywhere! You simply don’t understand how he does it. You’re commencing to experience upset. Warding off guys, relying on how warm a chick you’re (Haha), may additionally sound relatively easy, ‘Easy-peasy’. With a faded or disagreeable countenance should work, you may additionally think. Not so for many guys. Well, In actual life, many women face this hassle all the time. Especially, these we may also have given our range to, voluntarily. Don’t supply up so easily. Sometimes, you may additionally provide out your contact to anybody who may also show up satisfactory however later you discover out you are no longer into the guy. You exhibit that you’re no longer involved however he can’t get it. The greater you strive to ward him off the extra he persists. What do you do? The most traditional approach is by using telling the guy off properly or flicking the block button. But what if you flick that button and they quit up getting to you via a exclusive route? More and greater innovative methods have, over the years, been developed by using women. Some have grew to become superb to some of us women. On the ‘billing method’ which occurs to be the most wonderful for me, I’m going to inform a story. It’s a non-public trip about my current encounter. You recognize there are these sorts of human beings you see and it simply dawns on you proper there and then, that you don’t like them. It’s secure to name it ‘dislike at first sight’. Well, this man ticked all the boxes. From how weirdly he starred at me from a distance, to his outfit and the way he talked. He didn’t even odor nice. Thank goodness he didn’t have a awful breath. Nevertheless, he gave me each purpose to dislike him on sight. He approached me regardless. Of path there isn’t a way he ought to have regarded that he was once already disliked on sight. “You’ve a virtually correct height”, he stated as he grabbed a seat close by to sit down adjoining to me. “I love ladies as tall as you, I’ve been observing you because you walked in”, he added. I smiled, seemed at him and stated “thank you”, simply so I don’t show up rude. Some pals have been additionally in the small gathering and it ought to be an fascinating evening. Far from it for me. His attention on me fouled the surroundings to me whilst others had been having desirable instances with the drinks and chops. He endured with a lot of dull talks. Monosyllabic replies followed. It didn’t make him to cease and face elsewhere. He as a substitute obtained stimulated to ask me about travelling for the Christmas holiday. He had been advised I used to be from his state. That in all likelihood stimulated him. But that annoyed me the more. You met someone in one nighttime time out and gbaam, you’re asking the individual to journey domestic for Chirstmas with you. I comprehend a few can also fall for this however now not many. But I had had adequate and it was once time to throw in the Billing Method considering all my attitudes failed to ship the message. I then demanded a return flight ticket and many different matters I wanted to kind out earlier than travelling. Those matters required money. Yes, I stated I wanted cash to type the troubles earlier than I ought to travel. The billing approach is when you throw a bunch of pathetic memories so you should get some bucks from a guy. Money and such testimonies are normally a flip off for men. It comes available mainly for the ones you simply met and don’t truly care about and who wouldn’t examine all your fantastic rebuffs. It works like magic. It did for me on the night. His countenance changed. He didn’t desire to exhibit me, however I smelled it. Yes! It worked. I nearly went in a full gloat mode, however then, I’d show up weird. He stopped smiling, mumbled one one or two things, confronted the different guys and rapidly after he left the gathering. It was once a goodbye to nuisance. It labored like magic! Haha! I be aware of that many female use this method. And I figured jogging a teeny-tiny survey on this ought to revela greater experiences. “I’ll inform him plainly, I agree with if he’s accountable enough, he’d be aware of I’m now not fascinated however if now not I’d supply him some attitude,” Josephine stated who stated she likes being blunt to ward off guys she doesn’t like. Another, Nwendu from PortHacourt informed her story this way: “While I used to be in school… There used to be this man who was once without a doubt into me and preferred displaying it. He even informed his buddies he preferred me and all that…. People all round him knew he appreciated me… But I didn’t like him at all. He was once a acknowledged cultist however professed pure love and all that. It used to be a no no for me, due to the fact he would usually say he would marry me, however when he approached me, I instructed him I liked his love however that I would no longer reciprocate as I was once in a relationship with anyone else… He didn’t bulge, he saved professing and displaying love and in some instances it was once annoying to me as I didn’t experience whatever for him.

That’s how I blacklisted him, didn’t pay him a whole lot attention, commenced withdrawing from him constructively. I took his calls however with an I don’t care tone… It nonetheless took him time for him to digest the reality that I didn’t prefer him… But steadily I suppose the love diminished away. When it did, We grew to become simply friends. He would borrow my notes in class, name me, test on me however with no intimate talks. We nonetheless chat and speak until date….

So I trust time and my mindset closer to him warded him off.

Bube from Enugu put hers this way: “I will inform him outright, however first I’ll provide him signs, quit choosing his calls, provide excuses. If he nonetheless doesn’t get the drift, I’ll in a well mannered way inform him that I wouldn’t do whatever with him. But then, if he starts offevolved proving cussed I’ll block his line and on all social media related to me. If I mistakenly bump into him on the road, I’ll no longer even behave like I’ve considered him before; stroll up to me and I’ll shame you!” “Just Ask him for money. Tell him you want a mortgage of N1million Naira to kick begin a project,” stated Uche from Onitsha. “Uncle will begin yapping on about how cash is no longer everything, however you have to stand your floor and inform him that you love money. Keep singing it into his unlucky ears, in no time, he will disappear. It works wonders for me all the time!”

For Oby in Lagos, “Just ask him for cash you recognize he can’t afford, inform him its pressing and that the universe will take care of the relaxation for you. I met this man who wouldn’t give up bugging me even after I courteously instructed him I wasn’t interested. So I had to inform him I wanted 300 thousand naira urgently for a business. He by no means referred to as my line once more until date. Since then, the billing approach grew to become my trick. At most they will tag me materialistic or gold digger however I will have my peace,” stated the Lagos girl. “ First of all I will be sincere with him about how I experience however if he insists, I’ll turn out to be extraordinarily aggressive and impolite to him,” Naya stated from Enugu. I’ll end choosing up his calls and begin doing these matters I comprehend he doesn’t like or matters I wouldn’t usually do.

Read the warding off technique from Nelo in Abuja: “This is humorous however has labored for me. I would first courteously inform him however if he insists I’ll inform him that I informed my mum about him and that after praying my mum stated he used to be now not the proper man for me or that I used to be no longer the proper woman for him. Where is my love? Thanks to pepper sprays and tasers, we can deal with creeps who go on a full blown stalking mode and deem it suit to go violent. We don’t hesitate to use these ‘beautiful’ protection units on them. But ought to it get to that earlier than some guys get the message?

Written by Epiphenia Muolokwu

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