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Igbos Deserve To Be National Heroes For These 3 Reasons (Opinion)

by Oduse David
An typical Igbo family in Eastern Nigeria

Nigeria is country with diverse ethnic groups and languages. Approximately, we have over 250 ethnic groups within the borders of the federation. However, we have just three major tribes which are mainly Hausa, Yoruba and Igbo.

In my personal opinion, the Igbo people are the best group out of the three. They deserve to be treated as national heroes for the following reasons;

1.) They were the ones that fought for Nigeria’s independence. During the Colonial period, the likes of Dr. Nnamdi Azikwe and the likes fought for the liberation of Nigeria from the British control. According to Chinua Achebe’s book, which he titled “There Was A Country,” he wrote that the main reason why Federal power was handed to the North was because the Bristish won’t be able to control Nigeria after independence.
Chinua Achebe wrote that the British knew what they went through as a result of the Igbos pressure on them. Although, some intellectual figures from the South-west played some part too, but it was the Igbo elites that fought the greater part. Igbos deserved to be national heroes!

2.) Igbos Are Nation Builders. If you go to any part of the country, you’ll observe that the Easterners are renowned for developing wherever they go. That’s why you’ll see them in very local government in Nigeria. Despite their persecution in the Northern part of Nigeria, they still play a great role in the development of those communities.

3.) Igbos Are Economy Drivers. Come to South-west, especially Lagos and Ogun State, and see how our Igbo folks are driving the economy. They possess the spirit of entrepreneurship and it shows in the way they operate their business. Some people will say that Igbo people love money. Yes! It’s not that they love money, it’s their willingness to hustle that brings money to them.
The other day, I was talking to friends that I have never seen an Igbo man doing “Agbero” in Lagos. You won’t see them extorting money from commercial drivers at bus-stops. Their dignity and spirit of entrepreneurship won’t allow them do that!

I can keep writing on and on about the beautiful things about Igbo people. What about their beautiful ladies? Oh my God, that’s a story for another day. In fact, you’ll agree with me that the Igbos are national heroes.

Thanks for reading!
Oduse David is a Digital Journalist that writes content based on national and social issues.

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