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See How To Retrieve Your Money Whenever Someone Scams You

by Oduse David
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In our present digital age, internet scams and frauds are the order of the boy. In a world where every young man wants to drive posh cars, wear the latest fashion designers and enjoy the luxuries of life, without going through the normal way of making money, they resort to crime, cyberfraud and other social vices.

Approximately, 20% of social media users have been scammed at one point or the other, either large amouts or small money, and it’s always a painful experience to the victims.
However, most scam victims don’t know what to do to recover their funds. So, I’m sharing with you things you should do, whenever you realize a fellow or page you paid for a service or product is ghosting you. Follow the guidelines below:

1# First and foremost, screenshot all previous chats with the scammer across all messaging apps (Instagram, WhatsApp or Facebook).

2# After taking the screenshots, write out the full name and account number of the person who scammed you.

3# Go to the last notification you got from your bank after you made the payment, either through the mobile app or text message. Write out the TRANSACTION ID number down.

4# Then, visit any branch of the scammer’s bank. That is, the bank the scammer actually uses. When you get there, demand to see the CUSTOMER SERVICE in charge of FRAUD.

5# I’ll advise you to make a print-out of all those chats with the scammer, and submit it to the appropriate bank official.

6# While you are there at the bank, you can also send an email to the SCAMMER’S BANK and send another copy to CBN FRAUD DESK via (anticorruptionunit@cenbank.org). This will trigger the bank to take the issue more faster.

What should you expect from this action you just made? The culprit/scammer’s bank account will be PLACED ON HOLD. His Bank Verification Number (BVN) will be permanently blocked. No bank account will ever be opened with that BVN, neither will he be able to make any bank transaction in that name, until he clears himself with the bank.

In the practical sense, he/she cannot transfer or withdraw funds until they visit the bank, and whenever they do, the bank will contact the police and the suspect will be arrested. If proven guilty, he or she will have to sign a waiver allowing the bank to refund your money.

You can also charge the suspect to court and ask for damages as compensation for the stress you went through. Next time, such scammer will think twice before swindling people of their hard-earned money, if he or she doesn’t even get imprisoned.

Please, share this vital information to your friends and family. We must bring an end to online frauds and scam in our immediate society. Thanks for reading!

Oduse David is a Digital Journalist that writes content based on national and social issues.

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